Tools of the Trade.

Acuity Scheduling

The seeds I have been planting for 13 years are sprouting y’all!  I can hardly keep up! It’s all pretty exciting and extremely crazy.  Acuity Scheduling helps me look like I’ve got it all together.  If you have ever scheduled an appointment with me, you’ve seen acuity in action.  Get help with your efficiency and try it out!

Convert Kit

Convert Kit helps me manage my contacts.  It simplifies sending emails to everyone excited about receiving them.  If you have a business, Convert Kit is a must have.




You’ve seen the fancy social media posts!  Canva is my go-to for quick and beautiful graphics for social media, websites, emails, and even quick thank you notes!  If you are looking for consistency in branding and/or just some fun graphics, give Canva a try!


Divi - Elegant Themes

I built my own website and I could not have done it without Divi.  Seriously, these templates were life savers.  There is a base layout for any idea.  And if you get stuck, there is a tutorial video out there for every issue!  If you are trying your hand at web design, you want to have Divi on your side!



Are you a one person team, but need some quick help with a project?  Don’t need a full time virtual assistant, but need someone to do data entry while you use your time for content creative?  Fiverr is like have an extra set of hands on demand.  From logo design to data entry, you can find the perfect set of extra hands.

Google Workplace

If your business is still using a .anything that is not your brand, please set this way.  G-Suites has it all – documents, spreadsheets, slides, cloud storage, your very own email domain.  What are you waiting on?  


I’m pretty tech savvy, but when it comes to site hosting and the real coding, I need simplicity.  So, I use SiteGround.  It works fabulous with my name cheap domains and Google Suites.  Customer service is just a chat away.  If you are like me, you’ll be happy to have them near by.  If you are just starting your website, I’d recommend SiteGround for your hosting.

Name Cheap

I’ve moved my domains over to Name Cheap – all of them.  Their customer service is a chat away and their prices are so affordable.  Every time I have a new business idea, I run over to name cheap and swipe up the domain name.  You can never have too many!



Creative Market

This place has everything – more fonts than you can dream up, more templates than you will ever need, and graphics galore.  It’s my go to for new fonts and especially templates for my new products.  Make sure you have lots of time to look around when you check it out.

Sam Cart

Powerful features, such as a 1-page system to help you convert visitors, smart pixel tracking to track sales, and other revenue-optimizing features to help drive up customer lifetime value & simplify your business.

Tried and True

These tools are all programs, products, or people that I personally use to keep myself, my family, and my business organized.  I hope they can do the same for you!

-- Erica Mayon