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Start a New Business

Whether you are starting a for-profit business as a sole proprietor or with a partner, or a nonprofit corporation, or anything in between, we can make sure your business filings are both legal and correct the first time.

Brand Your Business

Are you protecting your business name, logo, and/or slogan.  Are you unintentionally infringing on another brand? A federal trademark search is essential to protecting your business and brand.

Protect Your Content

Are you creating original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as novels, songs, or software?  We can assist with copyright filing for added protection against copyright infringement.

Define Your Relationships

Businesses need contracts that define services, liabilities, expectations, etc.  We are able to create, modify or review contracts for your business.  More importantly, we make sure you have the right corrects for your business.

“Helping good people serve their communities.”


Mayon Legal is here to help good people serve their their communities.  We connect people.  The firm’s goal is to build businesses that become legacies, while creating economic stability and leadership in our communitites.

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About Mayon Legal

Mayon Legal was established to serve everyday entrepreneurs.  Erica, the owner and managing attorney, has a fierce love for the business of business.  She enjoys the creation of businesses – the details of bringing everything together to create a functioning idea.  From technological efficiencies to contract details, you wont find anyone more excited about every intricacy of running a business.